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11. října 2011 v 8:11 | So this incredible
So this incredible medical and scientific team went to work harvesting and testing hundreds and hundreds of red and brown seaweeds, nike shox skolooking for a very specific type of seaweed that contains a very specific molecular structure providing superior antioxidant properties. After many years of hard work and spending more than $39 million from the Korean government, Dr. Haengwoo and his devoted medical and scientific team finally discovered what they had been searching for: a very, rare red/brown seaweed called Ecklonia cava. The rare, exotic sea plants extractions that are contained in every bottle of Aloelicious are harvested by hand from the cold pure, nutrient-rich, 100ft. deep waters located off the coasts of Korea and Japan. Nike Shox Men SkoThese ocean waters are pristine and provide one of the few in the world where this prized red/brown seaweed grows. Divers carefully harvest Ecklonia cava by hand. Then it's dried naturally…put through three different purifying "baths" that painstakingly protect the nutritional content of this ocean-grown "super food"…and only then are the key nutrients extracted. This rare sea plant extract is so powerful and so concentrated, it takes a full 2,205 pounds (a metric ton) of wet seaweed to produce 33 pounds of Eklonia cava extract! Nike Shox Women SkoMore importantly, these rare sea plants are choked full of the most powerful antioxidants on the face of the planet, providing up to 100 times greater antioxidant capacity than any other land-based antioxidants. It's no wonder why Eklonia cava extract has been a highly valued antioxidant in Korea, Japan, and other Asian countries. And now, it's available here in America in every bottle of Aloelicious! To order, contact your Liberty Freedom Network Independent Representative.

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